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 The Intro Forum

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PostSubject: The Intro Forum   Fri Jun 12, 2009 3:12 pm

I'm making some changes regarding how the Intro forum is operated. To date, we've allowed members to post welcome messages to newcoming members. This is okay for the time being, but we don't want to clutter what is supposed to be an INTRODUCTION forum with welcome messages.

From today forward, this is how we will operate: You may continue to post welcome messages. Every Friday afternoon I will move ALL welcome threads to the Welcome Archives subforum. Members are allowed to post replies to the welcome threads there, but they cannot post new threads.

Something I do want to see happen is for every new member to create an intro thread that will remain in the Introduction forum until it gets to the point where there are simply too many to sift through (we will determine what to do with older Intro threads when this begins to be the case).

Due to the nature of the site, I think having Intro threads for every member can only help us to help each other. What you post in your intro thread is up to you.

Something new that you will see coming in the very near future is a stickied thread that will include the site staff intros. This is so that in-coming members can have a quick reference point in case they have some reason for speaking to myself or one of my staff members.

Your first question is likely... But why?

The truth is that having welcome threads for every member is all well and good (we are a friendly group of people here... at least I'd like to think), but I personally think it takes away from something that I really wanted to do... and that is to make our site user-friendly and personable. But wait, rainshadow, you're thinking... how is "Welcome to the WBG, enjoy your stay" not a user-friendly and personable message to put forward to our new users?

Let me explain: all welcome threads are the same. There's really not any new info for a newcomer to see when they come in and see a welcome, even if it's devoted to them. They already recieve a generic welcome in their email inbox. What I want them to see when they come in is not a welcome to the site... but rather I want them to walk into the community and be able to read about the people who are already here. In short: I want them to think they are already getting to know us! Like I said, welcome threads are great and all, and I'm not saying we can't have them... I justwould rather they not overtake the site. Rather, I would like to see them take a back seat to the "Hi, my name is rainshadow and this what I have to offer you while you are a member of the WBG". Clear as mud? Good!

I want this to be your home away from home! I want newcomers to be able to come in and get a good idea of "who's who"... not as personal as addresses and telephone numbers, obviously, but a real name if you want to share it, what kind of stuff you read, write, watch on TV... What you think you bring to the site is a biggie, in my book. That sort of stuff.

You don't have to jump right into making that if you aren't ready. If you want to hold off for the staff's intros to be stickied, that's fine, because it'll give you a good reference point to start from.

Expect these changes to occur very soon... in fact, some are already underway!


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The Intro Forum
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