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Shard Bearer
Shard Bearer

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PostSubject: Re: WE ARE LEAVING YOU   Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:07 pm

You mean from the Yogi bear cartoons? What a moron.

Ego, Life, Truth, Reason.
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Compulsive Writer
Compulsive Writer

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PostSubject: Re: WE ARE LEAVING YOU   Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:46 am

Confessor Kahlan wrote:
Speaking of Yellowstone, my dad told me a story of a table quiz he went to once with some work colleagues. One of the questions in the quiz was "Where in the USA is the geyser known as Old Faithful?" Of course, my dad and his group wrote down Yellowstone National Park on their answer form (as did everyone else that was taking part).

When it came time for the quiz master to check the answer sheets, he said that everyone had got that particular answer wrong. He wouldn't listen to any of the protests from the contestants who were quite obviously correct. He turned to them all and said. "Old Faithful is NOT in Yellowstone National Park. It's in JELLYstone National Park." (And he was quite serious Rolling Eyes )


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain.

We should create a loop. That way when he gets back he can feel jealous that he's been out of it.
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Primary Character

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PostSubject: Re: WE ARE LEAVING YOU   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:19 am

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PostSubject: Re: WE ARE LEAVING YOU   Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:38 pm

Wow. Thats a whole new level of fail.

"You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood."

"What mood is that?"

"Last minute panic.”
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PostSubject: Re: WE ARE LEAVING YOU   

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