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 To All Guests

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Compulsive Writer
Compulsive Writer

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PostSubject: To All Guests   Mon May 25, 2009 11:44 pm

Welcome to the WBG!

Most boards are hidden from public view. In order to see these boards and their content, you must register. I have done this in order to help registered members protect their writings and artwork.

After you register, it may take some time to have your accounts activated. I just figured out that there is a pretty lengthy delay from the registration time to when I actually get an email regarding your registration.

I want to allow for people to be able to access the site as quickly as possible. Whether that requires that I add to my site staff or simply do away with the activation process, I'm not sure. I really like the activation process for security measures (helps me to weed out spambots) and I've only had a few questions about the wait after registration (being a human being, I often find myself away from the computer, doing human being things ), so I'm not sure removing that process is a good idea.
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To All Guests
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